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Insomnia and Low Back Pain 
 "For years I could not sit or stand at all without experiencing chronic low back and shoulder pain. I also suffered from persistent insomnia. I had been to physical therapy, but it did not give me true relief at all.  I would feel better for a few days, but then the pain would come right back.​  At first, I had a few doubts about chiropractic care.  I was not a fan of someone just cracking my neck and back;  however, I was comforted in how warm and professional Dr. Carolyn is.  Being under chiropractic care, I no longer have pain and I am able to sleep through the night! Overall, chiropractic care has given me a better life and wellbeing! Since I am sleeping better, my wife is happier too!"
- Steven S
Pregnancy and Family Care
"Since starting to see Dr. Carolyn, my six year old has not had any issues with his asthma and my girls haven't had any ear infections!​  Dr. Carolyn cared for me during my 3rd pregnancy. (My pregnancy was considered high risk because of my age of 41.) Well, due to consistent chiropractic care, I had no major issues! As a matter of fact, my last delivery was a better experience than the other two! I had a natural birth and delivered the baby within 10 minutes of arriving to the hospital! ​On the behalf of our family, we like to say "Thank You" to Dr. Carolyn and for guiding us into a healthier longer life. We consider our doctors as family and we look forward to seeing them every week!"
- Samantha W.
Adult Asthma and Allergies
 "For years I suffered with severe lower back pain and occasional neck stiffness. Any amount of time I spent in the car for more than 30 minutes would result in days of medications. I also never had a time in my life that I can remember where I did not suffer from asthma and allergies. I figured that everyone suffered from health problems and it was just a part of life, so I never saw doctors to try to solve my issues; instead I just took medications hoping for some ease. I was on all kinds of medications including Singular, Claritin, Wellbutrin, Concerta, Nasonex, and occasionally even Advair and Albuterol. I was skeptical about chiropractic care at first, not understanding how it could actually help me. Well, I found myself amazed! Dr. Tim intuitiveness to ask the perfect questions and persona that helped me relax and trust in his care led to my pain greatly being reduced! Soon after that, I noticed that the asthma and allergies were getting better too!  I brought my son in to see the doc. He too suffered from asthma and allergies, and even experienced attention deficit issues… but since he has come under chiropractic care, he has gotten better too!"
- James T.

Knee and Foot Pain
 "For a year and a half before starting care I lived with unrelenting knee and foot pain. I was forced to take Advil several times a week for the pain.  When I was told about chiropractic it sounded interesting and non-invasive.  The office is a friendly, welcoming environment. Dr. Carolyn really cares about improving people’s health and quality of life. I saw very fast improvement with my knee and foot pain; it was almost gone after a few weeks.  I am making great progress and I have been able to manage the pain effectively.  I am feeling and sleeping better than I have in years. I also noticed that I have not been sick since starting care with Breaking Free Chiropractic."  
- Bailey O.

 Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family
"For years I battled with pain from chronic bursitis. I sought treatment from a physical therapist, which lessened the pain, but did not eradicate it. Then I was in a car accident which aggravated my bursitis and left me with ligament damage in my neck.  Initially, the neck pain was so intense that it was hard to work.  I sought the standard medical treatment and was prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers, which was not a long-term solution. I had my doubts about chiropractic. I was raised with a traditional medicine only mindset, but I wanted a long-term solution to my problem and was willing to try something I was unfamiliar with.  Dr. C was very personable, compassionate, gentle and helpful. She patiently answered my (many) questions, even when she had to go find the answers elsewhere, and he eventually became a good family friend. When I began care, I had some immediate pain relief for my neck, which continued to improve over a few months. After about 1 month of care, I noticed my bursitis no longer bothered me even when I did things that had formally aggravated it. Since starting care and modifying my diet, I have stopped taking the muscle relaxers and pain medication for my neck, and have ceased taking allergy medications as well.  Now my husband and two children are both under care and have benefited greatly.  Dr. Carolyn have taught us that chiropractic is about removing interference which promotes health instead of just merely alleviating  symptoms. Being under care at has helped our family in so many ways!"
- The Weslley Family
Menstrual Issues and Low Back Pain
 " I have been struggling with lower back, hip, neck, shoulder, and foot pain as well as acid reflux and an inconsistent menstrual cycle for years. I sought relief through physical therapists, an obstetrician and even medications; however, none fixed the problems I suffered with on a regular basis. When I first came into Dr. Carolyn's office, I wasn’t sure it was for me. My obstetrician had told me that I was in menopause, so I had just come to terms with it. However, after just 2 months of chiropractic care, all of my aliments seemed to disappear! The acid reflux stopped, and my back, neck, and hip were all pain free! Today, I have total trust in chiropractic care and I am committed to my personal care plan for life long wellness!"
- Zoey H

Body Aches and Migraines

 "I had shooting pain in my hips, neck, and lower back, and chronic migraines. I had difficulty working and driving and found myself taking Excedrin/Tylenol regularly.  Multiple friends of mine referred me to Breaking Free Chiropractic. I was skeptical, but I was hopeful. My tensions were put at ease as I entered the positive environment of Dr. Carolyn's and Dr. Tim's office. Since being under regular care, I have stopped having the sharp pains and I rarely find myself in “crisis mode” anymore!  They truly work with me on every possible aspect to ensure that I can get the best care and be in my best health!"

- Rebecca E.

Numbness and Depression
"I first came to BFC for pain and numbness that was so bad I could barely walk.  The office was very welcoming, professional and appeared to be a safe place.  After one adjustment with Dr. Tim, my foot pain immediately improved. The team took the time to teach me about the connection between the spine, the nervous system and the rest of the body!​ Since being educated on chiropractic, I have also sought care for sinus problems and an underactive pituitary gland causing low testosterone, depression and anxiety. My medical doctors had me on SIX different medications. Now I ONLY use one on a rare occasion!​ When I first came to BFC, I was extremely skeptical, but all those doubts have been overcome by the results I have experienced.  Now my whole family and a number of friends that I have referred all get regular care.  I also believe chiropractic played a big part in healing my daughter from a life-threatening dairy allergy.  BFC truly cares about their patients as people and devote themselves to helping them!"

-Tyrone P.

A Safe Place, even for those with PTSD

 " I came to the office as a last resort before quitting my job and applying for disability. My top complaints were non-stop headaches/recurring migraines, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and difficulty breathing. Some of my other symptoms included being unable to walk across the room without pain, inability to chew my food, inability to walk up stairs without gritting my teeth and holding my breath, and inability to get a good night's rest. I cannot remember that time I was without pain, ever. On a pain scale of 0-10, I frequently experienced pain at a 15 and considered a 6 to be a good day! I also suffer from complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and overwhelming physical and emotional trauma.  Dr. Carolyn listened and applied her chiropractic skills to receive further insight into developing a personal chiropractic treatment plan. I was impressed by the careful attention to detail throughout the assessment period, and the way Dr. Carolyn continues to consult and train with other doctors to stay on the cutting edge of research, practice, and her technique. Due to this, I am able to make better decisions for my life.   Under the care of Dr. Carolyn and Dr. Tim, my quality of life has improved, I have been able to remain gainfully employed, and my baseline level of energy has risen by 10%! I ‘bounce-back’ more quickly and effectively from challenging days and I am now able to participate in more activities that I enjoy! My headaches and migraines are reduced. There are less of the extremely high pain days, my sleep disorder has lessened, and the sciatica is gone!!  I can testify that the changes have been significant all around… however, the most for me is that I  now  have hope and support for continued spinal recovery, something that I had not found anywhere else."

- Henry W.

 Neck Pain with Low Back Pain

 "For years I have struggled with lower back pain. Then, I was in a car wreck that caused me to have neck pain as well. I am a believer in ‘the power that made the body heals the body,’ so I did not want to be on medications that would hinder that progress. At times, my pain was crippling! I sought out the help of physical therapists, orthopedics, and neurologists, but it is chiropractic care that I believe has really made the biggest difference.  Dr. Carolyn and Dr. Tim truly listens and cares about each and every one of their practice members.  It is an honor to know that my doctors are not just giving to me, but also to their community with sincerity and care. Today, my symptoms are completely manageable without medications! I am able to get a good night’s rest; whereas before the pain and discomfort made me unproductive and sluggish!"

- Veronica D.


Child Asthma and Allergies

"My son, Jacob (now 14), suffered from a plethora of allergies, asthma, and sinus issues. He was on a lot of strong medications on a regular basis. He took three different allergy meds AND regular allergy shots! Relying on pills was no way for a child to live! However, after being under consistent chiropractic care, his overall health had greatly changed! After a few weeks of being under care, I took Jacob back to the allergist for full diagnostic testing. His results were all negative! No signs of allergies!! It was such a surprise that they even applied histamine to check that the test was valid. Now, he no longer takes any of those previously mentioned medications! When I started with Dr. Carolyn and Dr. Tim, I knew absolutely nothing about chiropractic care. Now, I find myself in awe of the heightened quality of life that it has provided for my me and family. Not to mention the huge amounts of money I have saved! I never get sick anymore, and I even work in a school where sickness and germs are rampant! I always recommend Breaking Free Chiropractic to people I see suffering."

- Yolanda T.


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** Testimonials are based on individuals experiences.  Actual results may vary.

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